About Us

We are a small operation, a mother-daughter business that is only part-time (at best). We are serious about our art and craft. We have worked long and hard to develop our skills and take pride in every finished piece. These arts & crafts are time consuming labours of love. We appreciate when they find homes where they will be appreciated for years to come. We've tried to answer some common or frequently asked questions below. If we have not addressed your concern please feel free to contact us directly and we will answer to the best of our ability.

Answers to some FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Don't You Take Credit Cards? - Well, the short answer to that is, it costs us money to accept credit cards. We know they are convenient, we know we might even increase our sales a bit if we accepted them. However, one of us works full-time, is the mother of a rambunctious 5 year old and does this for love of the craft — not as a full-time business (yet). The other of us is semi-retired and graciously helping out during busy weeks. We would have to raise our prices for everyone to cover this cost and we'd much rather keep our prices affordable for as many patrons as possible. We know we'll lose some sales (either over the internet or in person). We've accepted that fact.

Why Can't I Just Click on Your E-Mail Address? - We do apologize, but removing clickable email addresses from our site is one way we combat spammers who collect email addresses for random and constant solicitation. We now have a Contact Form that you can use to join our email notification list or to contact us in the event you are interested in purchasing a product you have seen on our site. Thank you for your interest in our work!
Will You Do Custom Orders? - Within reason, Absolutely. Bear in mind once again, this is not our full-time occupation. We can't make the "it will ship in 24 hours" promise in most cases. Our items take time to make. We want to make them to the highest standards. If you want items for the holidays we need time to meet your order. Special or custom orders usually will not take much more time than our standard items, anywhere from 4-6 weeks. In certain cases we may need to special order supplies to complete a project and then we may need more time. We would inform you of that before entering an agreement to make the item!

Do You Charge Handling/Packaging Fees? - No, at this time we charge only actually shipping cost in the method of your choice (or if you leave it up to us, the best price we can manage for you). We are happy to ship USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc. Just let us know if you have a preference when you place an order. We can price check based on weight and address before you choose, if you like. It might take a day or two from your information request to get to the Post Office and back for weight and pricing.